Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the effects of grief

Anger is one of the most widespread violations of the laws of the universe, which can cause various problems in life, that both the mind and in your own life. Boomerang law, all issued in the atmosphere, in terms of vibration: thoughts, words, desires, actions, feelings, etc.. return to us our field causing harmful effects energetic.De that no one can harm another without paying. Therefore whenever you negative thoughts about someone to pray continuously for her health. When we think of someone to create an instant energy bridge between us and the man we think. Therefore, any evil thought is an energy that brings harm to attack the man. Such attack us and kill us one another unconsciously, often without realizing it. Any expression hard categorically stated in a tone can cause harm both to himself and another man.
Disagreements in a relationship comes from the need to control and dominate the other. Each seeks to take control and stay on top of all situations. When they take control another being energy, do you fill up at the expense of another. Thus become energy vampire. Whenever we fall into this habit and we get disconnected from the suffering. Cooling relations between the two partners is due to increased inner aggression. Lack of compatibility leads to a lack of communication. Lack of communication leads to disaster. Lack of communication leads to hate love. An unconscious aggression towards men / women into a program of self-destruction. If both partners physically or emotionally abusing each other, they do not deserve to stay together ..
Dependence arises aggression. And produce disease aggressiveness. Dependence of desires, fears, depression and anger attract jealousy. The stronger dependence on the beloved, the more numerous are our claims to it. Strife, anger, impatience silently emit a great destructive force. Only through love can dry up the source of evils
Do not speak evil lived because they can prolong their duration. When no one's talking about our problems we remove them. Removing them is the first step to overcome them. It is essential when you talk about your problems and emotions of pity and compassion are not looking. IMPORTANT: If you have a great sadness anger or feelings they try not to bring home. The streets especially in places green and walk. Do not make your house a landfill energy. If you live for several years and tired of your space with regret, anger and fear, remember times when you fight and upset, sit there, forgive, cancel aggression to love, pray ( why not?).
It is better to weep than to hate. If you have not managed to beat on yourself, inevitably accumulates in aggression. When aggression occurred destroying weep.
Work must not kill us, but to develop. Means that overloading should not be permanent and to find pleasure in each occupation. If there is pleasure, any activity can become an overload and damage the health. Try to identify who is working correctly as you would by its very existence is rewarding in your life are not necessarily looking satifactii materials. Look no payment, no praise or reward, whatever you do. We claim immediately committing something good reward. These desires without suffering as a result. The more you increase this type of claim with it will increases aggression and increase self-destruction program.
When someone offends you not avenge him, do not hate and do not bother him because the offense is a gift from God. If accept is that no purification of the soul to achieve by disease and misfortune, and if you are not ready for it or it comes through death This form of purification is given to us by loved ones, so as far as we can forgive , equally deep inner changes are possible. Ought to forgive not only thought but also the soul. The more we link to past anger unforgivable. Forgiving someone who hurt us or offended us we can heal illness. Pray always that everyone around you to be happy, healthy and the world be blessed. This prayer will radiate so much love to the world that love will return to you in abundance. Such as give, get! Răzbunându you make yourself equal to your opponent. Forgiving him show you higher. Forgiving we can free ourselves to raise. You should be aware that forgiving those who release them we were wrong, so pardon offer freedom. Choose the path of forgiveness, because only she clenched while open wound.
In human love should always be a detachment from loved man. The more you claim, irritation and complaints to the man near the more it increases dependency on .. Dependence on material values ​​will slowly kill the spirit and soul. Our thinking has the most powerful creative force in the universe. The thought is what brings peace and tranquility in our soul. The thought is that attracts good or evil in our existence. All thoughts issued hover like me threatening to hit him that produced them. A negative thought or action is painfully felt by thousands of bodies. Therefore there is a law of nature and science (the third principle of mechanics known as the Principle of Action and Reaction) that caused harm to others and we hurt ourselves. Therefore striving to forgive enemies and they only turn to thoughts of peace and love is a protective act for us.
So we are who we are as a result of what I thought! "

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OUR EMOTIONS affect health. How can we heal.

It can not be doubted that our mental-emotional state has a crucial impact on physical health. We feel in everyday life as our inner struggles, confictele taking place in our heads and emotional tensions we emotinal legally intoxicated and eventually make us neimbolnavim on the physical level. How emotional intoxication is a process that begins in childhood, adulthood and affect our lives daily, it is necessary to begin a process of "detoxification on an emotional level. Like it or not, the connection between our state-emotioanala mental and physical disease can not be questioned in any way and here's why: First we hear frequently in everyday life made based on the disease stress, especially when it comes to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Secondly, there are specialists who have demonstrated the link between mental-emotional state and diseases, examples of this are Dr. Ryke Hamer with German New Medicine, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, we have a novel Horst Muller and last but not least energy-Sergey N. Lazarev therapist who deals with spiritual causes of diseases. Thirdly, there are a number of books that highlights the effects of our way of thinking on health, including "You can heal your life" by Louise L. Hay. Moreover, there are theories according to which, even as the body is influenced by how we think and the attitude we have towards life, as highlights in his book "The five wounds that prevent us to be ourselves" by Lise Bourbeau . And last but not least, to the skeptics, we have a lot of studies have proven that highlights the devastating effects of stress on health aspura no longer need to remember (though those interested can find information here) In today's article will not waste time on various studies about the influence of stress on immune system and other scientific arguments, but we focus on what we can do in practice to heal the emotional level, so methods of healing. "We are what we think" We want to accept or not, our bodies reflect the physical reality at the level of our thoughts and feelings. Everything inside is sooner or later manifest on a physical level. Even Dr. Wilhelm Reich demonstrated that every emotion that suppress (keep one in November) solidifies into a body somewhere in muscle contraction and contraction can lead to chronic disease. No accident that we hear about in spirituality "appears first heart disease and only then in the flesh" or "as in heaven so on earth" - where "Heaven" is our inner universe, and "Earth" is the physical world (the universe outside). The idea is that all things are spread from the inside out, even if "materialistic science" is trying hard to prove otherwise. This being given, we can not talk about physical health and not taking into account the emotional health. Even if diet, exercise and various health habits play an important role in terms of good health, inner health is at the point where we need to start healing orcarei disease. Any therapy or diet may be totally ineffective in an emotionally toxic substance. Basically we heal with food poisoning but our emotions - or with a hand metaphorically we eat with our other poison. I'm sure you've seen people who eat healthy, live healthy, but I hold them a lot of tension, tension and inner conflict - why no food or medicine or therapy can not cure ... while others who eat all nesanataos, even drink and smoke, but also express their feelings ... and always feel free of emotional, reason for being healthy and physically. People fall into two categories in this regard: some are free like a bird of heaven emotionally, while others do jail in his own mind - that her punishment is autocondamna itself. Question: Which of these two will be ill? I do not have to give rapsuns. The idea is that the more healthy we are at the thoughts and feelings so we will be healthier at the physical level. So all we have in the inner plane, the plane comes to manifest in our physical health. That said, you're probably wondering: "What must I do to cure myself at the inside?" For emotional healing must keep in mind two things: 1. Identification of internal problems Or "know who you fought! " You can not solve a problem as long as you do not know that it exists (one realize). Without awareness is like fighting an invisible enemy - the home did you no chance. For this reason we need to know as much information about adevasar - who else but our case is not a simple idea that in time became convinced. 2.Vindecarea / Transformation / Alchimizarea As you can tell more in Romanian is "transforming the river better." Whenever you work with trying to heal yourself / has transformed and not to destroy. We know that when we feel like we've got a headache trying to heal it in no way trying to cut him. As we proceed and emotional level. So we start with the first step, ie our awareness of the inner level. As I said in the article inceputm today we take a single issue, namely the suppression of emotions - or incapaciatetea to express what they feel - and we will address the remaining issues in next articles. Suppression of emotions: "Know everything you" Neexprimarea of ​​what we feel is the most common problem today. In the society we live it seems it's becoming harder to be ourselves. People do not know how to be herself (even if sometimes they want to be). We are still small Mentor not be ourselves, encouraging our society to wear a mask - do not show what we truly are, as might be upset that others and not accept us when we isnine. That's why for the love of others that should pretend to believe. So I got almost all men to wear a mask that hides a hidden interior universe, a different identity than the one posted every day, but which was never expressed. A lot of thoughts, emotions and inner dialogues that were never cast because we believe that the area must display a nice picture ... great trick others. Why can not express how we feel? The main reason is the fear of being yourself - a fear that we are born ... NOT .... but we still induced bystanders as children. The only natural fear (which we are born) are afraid to sound sharp and the fear of death which helps us to beware of biodiversity may endanger the life we ​​(ie the attack a tiger). All other fears besides the two above, we learn over time, whether it expresses what you feel afraid, afraid to be yourself, fear of parents, fear of poverty, fear of the boss, and not Finally the fear of public speaking (which according to a recent survey reached as high as fear of death - that a lot of people prefer to see the casket than to see public speaking) False identity formation We see people at work are often someone else in the family are, but when everything else are alone. When YOU are three or more completely different, you wonder: How else do you know which one is you really? How do you know who is the person behind the mask you wear? How you know who you are? Remember? Habit of always wearing the mask can lead to loss of identity. Just look at who you're really looking at the needs and desires, forget everything you feel ... and finally become what they want others to become and you think it's your desire. You're confused thinking that your wishes are defined by the expectations of others. Most often, we see that the relationship between parents and children suffocated when the pressure of parents, children come to believe that what they want out of life is what parents want from them. "Be yourself" We hear often said "The most important thing is to be yourself." If we all know it's better to be yourself, why do not we can be ourselves? because they do not know how - I forgot how to be ourselves. So much has been implemented belief that "others will accept me if I'm not myself" that led to a phony lifestyle. "I'm not good enough, I was impress with what they are myself, which is why I have to pretend - to wear a mask - for others to accept me." "I'm not allowed / not have permission to be myself, because I will offend / annoy / disturb others." Such negative beliefs we have been implemented since small children to most of us. Parents, relatives, school, group of friends, the company did everything possible, more or less consciously, to make us understand that "You can not be yourself. No one will accept such. " If we look at young children, they are always herself and never have any problem with that. Can anyone ever forget the eyes expressing what I feel. Everything they think, speak and do the same thing. They are very brave you how I feel without fear of consequences. We were all children once and I was 100% healthy emotionally.
And you were the same, until he spoke what most call "education" whose main purpose is to teach you everything you are not allowed. From that moment he began to tell us every day, for years the words "you can not." "You can not ... to say that you feel to be what you want Do you feel ... .... Co her mind to others ... as you get angry mother to be punished .. co ... you get beat, do not love you if you do that, if you're not my child ... "etc.. Or other non-verbal messages (a frown, an aggressive attitude) that subcomunica same things listed above. So far this pattern is repeated in the first years of life, that mature adults will always live in fear that if you do exactly what they feel (it himself) will suffer by the fact that no one will accept such as has been repeatedly Daily childhood childhood that is not acceptable to behave as if ("if you do that upset me ... i do not accept such") "Mind REALLY believe anything that she is repeatedly" Besides all our minds is the odd habit of anything that I consider truth is repeated. As an idea is repeated more often the more the mind perceives as truth. If someone repeats many times "you're not stupid and useless" mind will perceive the thing as 100% true - therefore you will feel you are exactly. Same intmpla and belief that "one can not express what you feel - if you were so well rehearsed that even you feel you're not allowed to do that. Moreover Inner Dialogue - the times when we talk to ourselves - exactly fits our beliefs and strengthen them. A man who believes that there is nothing good to talk ugly and hard on himself in the inner dialogue (eg "I am weak, I'm no good for nothing"), while a picture of himself to speak only good words beautiful itself (eg "I am the best, can anything"). Through this practical dialogue, we repatam ourselves what we think of us to strengthen that belief. It is interesting that people who feel bad about himself in the head just repeating his assertions that strengthens this conviction, while people with high self-esteem they will only say words that will give a better insight into himself. E ball effect, but the effect depends on us. "All the suppressed emotions to surface will leave anyway" Despite the daily habit of displaying a mask to hide our true identity is, all the feelings unexpressed expected to be manifested, to come to light. Interestingly ALWAYS fail by two ways: 1. Moments of crisis: hard times in life when the tension and stress are maximum rates, we unconsciously give people any mask and show us the true identity is ourselves behind the mask. In those moments EVERYTHING was suppressed in a few years or decades will suddenly emerge. These are cases where "good people" linisiti people "," grown men in "committing murder, rape and other acts of violence. All negative emotions were downloaded suppressed in a time of crisis in which the defendants say that "like I was not myself." Unfortunately the truth is that they were after the mask itself to "man's place." 2. Physical illness: All inner tension that inevitably accumulate will materialize into a disease. Whether those feelings will try "to get out of us" by skin diseases or are manifested by a hormonal imbalance, will be solidified in a tumor - how and Dr. Hamer said that strong emotional shock materializes. We see that hiding behind masks and neexprimarea of ​​what we feel will affect us both emotionally powerful as the physical. Besides all this we can be sure we suppress in sooner or later come to light, but when we aspteptam less. Now we all know how harmful it is to not express what we feel, we learn how to release smoothly in every emotion not expressed. Methods to release suppressed emotions The purpose of the exercise is to let it drain out all that ramans blocked / removed in November. Thus we manage to get out from under the mask behind which we were taught to live. Thus we become authentic people ... we be ourselves. And how do we do this? Theory is simple: "Make sure everything you think, talk and be doing the same thing - always. Basically: we need to train daily with a few simple exercises. 1. Disciplining the mind: Aligning thought - word - deed We do this through a constant attention exercitu sure that everything we think, speak and be doing the same thing. When all we freely express ourselves, and every thought away any mask hiding, become authentic. Everything flows smoothly and harmoniously. All you have to do is to express verbally or through practical activities how I feel. You just need to strive to express what I feel, that he might remain unexpressed something in us. To express what we feel are a trick, namely: "Think about that everyone can read your thoughts" In this way you have nothing to hide from the others because you think you already know it all think. So you can feel free express verbally what you think - will go away any fear in this respect. Will disappear and inner tensions, insecurity, hatred, envy, frustration, etc ... as being convinced that others can read your thoughts you will not afford to have such thoughts. The goal is 100% free to express everything you feel, without it being suppressed thoughts and emotions. That you do not just between people, but when you're alone. When we see no good to imagine that we see a lot of people, and God sees us - and this will help us to be the same when we are alone when we are between people. MASK will disappear. By refraining from unnecessary thoughts The mind is not just a thought processor that is non-stop connections that give rise to other connections ... and so on to infinity. To be able to imagine and work exactly like Google. When you write a word (eg "car") is your instant connection to millions of information about "car" - so does our mind. Problems arise when we let the mind to make the head with useless thoughts, making connections needlessly. We all know how easy it is to sit and dream, to fly from one thought to another, to let her mind gets disrupted - a connection made dozens without it we can stop. Although many people dream state that seems harmless, it is particularly dangerous because it creates an inner tension and a lot of unexpressed thoughts and feelings. How do we keep our minds clear? Accepting only thoughts that can be expressed immediately - verbal or practical. Any thought can be expressed than we can get you in a state of reverie that will generate an inner tension and emotional problems. So the secret lies in the immediate expression of thoughts - and those that can not be expressed not belong in our minds even a second, they must be stopped from home. Some will probably ask: "Now do not give them constructive thoughts freely? No thoughts of bringing good ideas? "No future plans?" And here as in celelte cases must accept these thoughts only if they have immediate application. Special time for the plans. For example, dedicate the next hour special plans for the future. I take a pen and paper write all you have written. So we will use your mind to make plans just in time allowed for this special activity planned - except that hour we lost in thought about the future but currently live 100%. 2. Write all you feel Whether you write in a journal or write on a piece that you throw and then ... never mind. What matters to release / to let it flow out all that's left you speechless in that day. Maybe you even things that you can not talk to anyone and you can not apply the principle of aligning thoughts, deeds and words. In this case the writing proves to be an extremely useful tool in releasing suppressed emotions. It is preferable to be written by hand than the computer. 3. Find a person you trust These are: Couple partner best friend a psychologist a priest parents ... or anyone you trust. It matters to trust that person 100% in total and can discuss all your problems as yet open to be nothing left in you speechless. Generally people do this exercise unconsciously, and even abuse it, and downloading all the problems surrounding the head. For this reason it would be good to find someone close who really loves you and is interested to give you the help you need If you have such a person can call a psychologist who will help you against the cost or find a priest to confess to you. Ideally, you should be a priest to help in the real sense of the word, rather than to ask to repeat a series of words that do not understand. 4. Make a personal relationship with God We all know that God is the Being who loves us most in all the universe, and so is our best friend. He loves them because we are children, which is why we have a total opening of dialogue with Him. Another thing regarding the fear of God did not have to think about this fear in a negative sense, but rather to have that fear that we have towards the person you love. When you love someone very much afraid lest he's wrong that people - afraid to love not mind that too much ... oo. in no way afraid that give you a head. That must understand the fear of God. So let's put to bed before we can tell God all things we keep them pressed and unexpressed in November, so do not go to sleep with us in thoughts and unexpressed emotions, so we go to sleep in free of all inner tension. 5. Sport and physical activity Our body was designed such that to have physical activity every day. Studies show that sport has a crucial impact on mental-emotional state, being considered a natural medicine against depression specialists stimulating secretion of "happiness hormone" serotonin and endorifinele dopania. In terms of expressing emotions sport is a way to release emotional tension we learned. When we release a lot of sports that you keep your emotions suppressed in November. Although it is a good way to release emotional sport will not be able to help us long term if we reloaded the emotional tension soon as I finished the physical activity. The essence is to solve the problem at the inner level. 6. Positive Affirmations Consists of repeating positive affirmations Autosuggestion purpose of our book our minds in a positive way. As said, the mind really believe anything that she is repeated enough times. In our case we will work to change negative beliefs about expressing their feelings, and implementation of positive beliefs. It would be good for the statements to be written by hand on a sheet of paper and be repeated daily for at least 10 times. The more often we repeat the more the mind will perceive as being real. Here's what we say 1. Allow all thoughts and all my feelings to be expressed. 2. I feel safe to express what you feel. 3. Total express every thought and feeling inside the words, gestures and actions. 4. Everything we think, speak and do the same thing. 5. Checking out everything I feel and think - all I have in me to the smallest thought or feeling. 6.Am a lot of valuable things inside me just waiting to be expressed. 7. They are valuable and deserve to express everything I feel. Warning Everything is done so how. We avoid using the word 'No' and negation. Statements may be made depending on what we feel ourselves, we should not use exactly the above. Homework: Train daily! How speech problems were formed in a few years or even decades is primarily needed daily perseverance and patience in the second row to see tangible results. It can be frustrating and disappointing to see that someday manage to freely express what you feel, and feel healed from this point of view, and wake up the next day and villages have a lot of bad blood in you and you are not able "to let it flow out" what you feel. Habit recent years will have a strong influence especially in the beginning, but with great ambition, willpower and perseverance we can vinecam and problems of expressing emotions. The most important thing is to not let yourself get discouraged by failure, but his unwavering believe in healing. The means of expression presented above are not the goal, but there are some ways (as the name implies). The ultimate goal that we must focus is inner healing condition every day. I mean we have to come to an inner space that would allow us Always always express what we feel - to express what we feel we come naturally without effort and doing exercises for that. Finally we get to no longer accumulate inner tension, and most importantly we will be ourselves ... will not make MASKS never part of our lives. In conclusion, principaluil thing for him to be free expression is to be yourself. Success!